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The Soccer Parent

“The Soccer Parent” is an online course that last about one hour. The course consists of six descriptive and instructional videos. We have deliberately placed emphasis on participation and engagement. That means that parents who complete this course feel that they are part of a team that is inter-dependent. There is instructional material within the course that highlights examples of good practice which can be checked against the actual experience of the parent when dealing with the player or coach. This course is particularly relevant to parents who are trying to find their way in a sport which may not necessarily be their area of expertise.

Why join the Course?

This is an important course for parents who work together with players and coaches. First of all, it establishes the basis of a working partnership in the best interest of the player and the game generally. The course is also important for identifying some possible obstacles to this working relationship so that parents can work hard to prevent these obstacles from impacting on the relationship. In other words, this course prepares parents for taking on the different roles that are required in order for a child to become a happy and successful soccer player. There are important tips about behavior, attitudes and relationships in the book which can act as a reference point in case there are any problems or difficulties.

What topics will you cover?

The course includes easy to follow videos that cover the following content: The first section describes the process of building a performance partnership. The second focuses on the tripartite efforts of the player, parent and coach. The third section explores some of the reasons why these three parties may fail to work well together. In the fourth section, there is an exploration of the player-centered decision making process. The fifth section highlights some of the questions that parents typically ask. The sixth and last section provides top tips for helping your child achieve success in soccer.

What will you achieve?

Following the course, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have completed the “The Soccer Parent” course. More importantly, you will be better equipped as a parent to engage with the soccer training environment. Besides, some of the tips that are contained in the course may support you as a parent generally. Parents who have completed this course will develop healthier relationships with their children while at the same time helping them to achieve their best within the soccer domain. The book might also open your insights into some areas of your relationships with other parents, players, and coaches so that you can become a much better “soccer parent”.

Who is the course for?

The course is primarily aimed at parents. However, the fact that it touches on relationships with players and coaches; this course will be relevant to virtually anyone that is involved in the soccer training and development industry. For example, trainers and other support staff will gain an insight into the interests of parents when they bring their child in for training and development. The course can also be useful for the clubs and organizations that support this work because it ensures that they are geared towards helping one of their cardinal co-collaborators in the endeavor to develop healthy young soccer players.

TypeOnline Course
TutorDarren Laver
Duration1 hour