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Soccer Coaching Curriculum - 'A Pathway to Excellence' (2019)$15.00

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Soccer Coaching Curriculum - 'A Pathway to Excellence' (2019)

This curriculum contains 11 chapters of thoroughly researched and practically-tested content. We draw knowledge from solid theories and practical experiences of some of the most accomplished soccer coaches in the world. The structure of the text is designed to cover as much information as possible in great detail without the burden of excessive content. The blend of theoretical knowledge with practical coaching experience in this text makes it extremely effective. In fact, it is a deliberate switch from previous curricula that only focused on one of the two at a time. The curriculum also benefits from the focus on coaching as a learning process for both player and coach. In this way, the natural creativity of the player is not stifled through the use of rigid set-pieces. Learning is never wholly linear. Therefore, any good coach must prepare to support their players at different stages of development. Even when the players fall within the same age group, there will be subtle differences in the way that they process the coaching that they receive. Areas of diversity such as natural athleticism, intelligence, and commitment to the game must also be considered by the coach when developing an individualized coaching plan/program. We emphasize the non-linear approach to coaching and learning to stress the importance of individualizing coaching programs to suit the needs of each player. In Chapter 10, we made a lot of reference to the minimum standards set for soccer development and effective coaching in the USA. We also show how a coach can find a balance between following the rules and paying attention to the individual needs of each player at the same time. At this juncture, it is pertinent to outline the philosophy that underpins this curriculum and how it was developed.