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Position Specific Training Program

The program is composed by eight different topics for each position on the field and work on an eight-week cycle.

How this program works?

The Position Specific Program includes sessions which are separated into 3 stations with two parts for each station. Each session includes all players
and all positions that are to be trained on and can be trained concurrently. Each part contains the task to be undertaken by the player in the specified position, the technical details to look out for as the player carries out the task, what areas of fitness are being carried out and a task diagram to show which elements of training are being carried out during the completion of the task. There are 8 sessions in total which are separated in this format and then we finally have the goalkeeper sessions put into their own section because their method of play is different. Some of the sessions include team play which plays into the aspect of relationship while on the field which will teach the players the need to work together and rely on each other to bring out the best of each other in the field of play.