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Nutrition Handbook for Soccer

Soccer is a high-intensity game that requires speed, endurance, power and strength over prolonged periods of time. An average professional football player will cover approximately 11-13km (6.8 – 7.7 miles) during a competitive match, 1093-1531yards of which consists of very high intensity running (e.g. short, fast sprints for the ball). A soccer player can spend as much as 30% of match time in the ‘critical performance zone’, working above 80% of maximal effort.

All this effort leads to fatigue as the match progresses. As you get tired, you are not able to play at the intensity you did at the start of the game and your concentration levels may also lose their sharpness. Players reduce their stores of energy considerably during a game, running extremely low on fuel. Fatigue limits performance, especially in the later
stages of a game, and this could even negatively affect the outcome of a match.

Professional players have to be able to play competitive matches within a few days of each other. With just 2-3 days between games, players need know how to keep energy stores topped up and how to replenish them after training or matches, to promote optimal recovery and support adaptations to training.

This booklet explains the components of a healthy, well-balanced diet and suggestions are given for strategies to help you perform at your best.