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Mark Tiernan Freestyle Course (Players)

Street Soccer / Freestyle Skills Training Program  

SPECIAL COURSE - Simply the best fun, freestyle, creative, skills for ANY player to Impress your friends and teammates. 

This course is has been produced for young developing players that want to learn street soccer, freestyle juggling, skills, in a fun creative way. Led by professional freestyler Mark Tiernan.  


What topics will you cover?

The course will take you through 8 famous freestyle moves. Every great creative player has amazing tricks and skills, so we will show you what this looks like. It will include juggling, control, and combination moves.


  1. 2 Ball Crossover 
  2. Abbas ATW
  3. Knee Bounce 
  4. Kneestall
  5. Phoenix
  6. Pinball
  7. Reverse Toe Bounce 
  8. Thigh pop

What will you achieve?

You will achieve not only an understanding of street soccer and freestyle, but in mastering these skills you will improve your confidence. In practicing these skills, exercises, and moves, you will be able execute these skills comfortably under any situation. With this, your ability as a player with excel and thrive in a fun environment!


Who is the course for?

Any player who wants to learn a new skill, master a skill, or just want to practice getting better at home. We have spent countless hours to create exercises that any player can do. Not only that, but we’ve specifically done this to where a progression can be made for any and all players. Hours upon hours of the very best moves and skills that every player should, and can master, is right here. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or an export. These exercises are done at all levels, and we have seen great success!

TypeOnline Course
TutorMark Tiernan
Duration1 hour