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Achieving Dreams - 'It's More Than Just Soccer' (For the Player)$10.00

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Achieving Dreams - 'It's More Than Just Soccer' (For the Player)

Achieving Dreams – It’s More Than Just Soccer’ aims to allow players to develop a winning mentality. We will encourage players to embody excellence and always strike to improve. Players are continually given opportunities to develop personal skills, such as mental preparation, leadership, and self-management.

The book provides a structure for players to set goals and challenge themselves to improve all aspects of their game. Through this process, they become more responsible for their own development. Through an innovative handbook of practical activities, this will show players how they can learn, understand, and apply the vitally important
mental side of the game, in a simple way, to their overall ability and development.

Players will learn how to create and maintain high standards. There is a great emphasis on encouraging players to become self-disciplined and dedicated to becoming the best that they can be. Throughout the program, players are challenged to leave the comfort zone and really test themselves. By doing this, they are more likely to achieve genuine satisfaction by making very significant achievements Our goal is to help players develop a winning mentality in soccer and life.