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8 Session Program: The ‘In Possession’ Series: Scanning, Decision-Making, Receiving and First TouchFREE

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Youth Soccer Training 8 Session Program: The ‘In Possession’ Series: Scanning, Decision-Making, Receiving and First Touch

This book provides coaches of youth soccer players with a coaching program that can be delivered over a minimum of 8 coaching sessions. However, the book should be seen as a detailed and structured framework in which the coach can modify and adapt the program and sessions based on the specific team needs and individual player’s needs that they coach.

To that end, each of the 8 sessions have been developed to challenge and prepare players to embed the technical and tactical concepts learned into game day.

The coaching themes have been chosen in order to provide youth players and teams with the skills and understanding required to become efficient in scanning and decision-making aspects linked to maintaining possession. Of course a coach may wish to spend longer on one particular theme based on what their team needs, and of course a coach may prefer to change the order of the program. This is to be encouraged as it demonstrates a coach who is considering the particular needs of their team.

So that the coach can personalize the sessions for the needs of their team and players a ‘menu’ of coaching content is provided along alongside individual player challenges. Therefore, the coach can select the specific coaching points that they wish the players to focus on within each session.

Each element of the individual sessions are explained clearly so that the coach knows and understands the set up and equipment required, how the activity/game works, and the suggestions for options, progressions and variations.

Coaching evaluations templates are provided after each session so that the coach can record their thoughts on the session and how they could improve it in the future, and also so coaches can reflect on players’ development through the session and their targets for the future.

  • Session 1 - Scanning and Decision-Making
  • Session 2 - Scanning & Decision-Making. Receiving the ball
  • Session 3 - Scanning & Decision-Making. First Touch to set up a pass
  • Session 4 - Scanning and Decision-Making. Variety of First Touch
  • Session 5 - Scanning and Decision-Making. Receiving on the back foot
  • Session 6 - Scanning and Decision-Making. Recognizing space
  • Session 7 - Scanning and Decision-Making. Recognizing Patterns and Others
  • Session 8 - Scanning and Decision-Making. Quickly under pressure