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24 Session Curriculum (Age 13 - 18)

This curriculum has been put together for soccer players within the age bracket of 13 to 18 years. Using the session topics and breakdown in the chapters within, young players looking to go professional in the game will have a sizeable portion of the skills that they need to develop quickly and fulfill their potential. When working with young soccer players in this age bracket, it is important to acknowledge the fact that the future is more important than the present. Thus, winning cannot be the absolute measure for the success or failure of the player.

The most important factor is constant growth, measured by the conversion of what is learned from these sessions into the player’s repertoire of skills as they progress through the age groups. Our focus is on the complete development of the player in all the key areas, and this is reflected in the categories of sessions that are chosen to be in this curriculum. The objective of each session is to develop the technical aspects, the motor and physical aspects, and an individual tactical aspect.

The areas included are:

● Attacking
● Defending
● Possession
● Finishing

At this stage, the players have a better understanding of where they want to play on the field, so it is okay to split some of these sessions according to how effective they will be for each player bearing in mind the position where they play. However, it is still useful to have these players practice session topics that are not majorly influenced by their position, as this will help build versatility. We encourage the coaches to try and expand these sessions as much as possible, to provide better contextual development for their own team of players. Find different variations and progressions according to the results you want to see from the players. Finally, keep your sessions safe, organized, and fun for the players. It is important to build and maintain their love for the game, as this will directly impact the attitude to these sessions.

Best of luck!