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1 v 1 Practice Games

1 on 1 is one of the most crucial elements in the sport of soccer. It is imperative for players to know how to handle themselves in such situations rather than rushing to play team games. 1v1 practice games allow players to simulate what will eventually happen in game and give them the tools required to anticipate and react to these situations. Quick decisions are the most paramount element in 1 on 1s to ensure that the player comes out on top. Some of the points that should be observed in a 1 on 1 situation are:

For attackers:

● Alternate speed to get the defender off the ball.
● Plays should be constrained within a half a yard.
● Lead the defender away from the point of attack which will provide space.

For defenders:

● Try to close off the play space.
● Lead attacker away from the danger area.
● Induce the attacker to play the ball backwards or sideways.
● Stay on your feet and avoid being caught on the back foot.

Delaying the attacker for 3-5 seconds will give your teammates time to regroup and support you.